Monday, August 22, 2011

Creating Home

This blog will mostly be an online scrapbook of my little house, and what I'm up to creatively. I'm happy to be creating a little home again, where I can snuggle in with the dog and the kids when they are home. 

My little house is a rental, and it was in very rough shape when the landlord bought it. He has replaced the roof, and he and his helpers have put a lot of work into fixing it up. It's now my turn to move in, and make it a home. I'm looking forward to decorating and working in the garden.

Here is how it looked when I first saw it...sporting a rickety porch with a toilet and refrigerator!

When I looked in the door and saw this little entry, I started to become attached. Jane had already started priming by the time I saw the place. It was still awfully grungy and had a long way to go, but I have a good imagination!

Here we're looking back at at the front door.

 This is peeking into the living room. I love the leaded glass windows and when all the nicotine is washed off them, I bet they are going to sparkle!

 Here's the dining room. The bay window leaked and ruined the floor in this room, so they are going to carpet. If you peek through that doorway, you can get a glimpse of the kitchen. I must say, the folks who worked on this had their work cut out for them!

Here is the back of the house. They are replacing the screened doors too, thank goodness.


Dawn said...

It looks like it has a TON of potential though! I'm sure it will be adorable once you put your magic touch on it!!

pedalpower said...

Thanks Dawn. I'm startint to get excited about moving in this week! If the rain ever stops, tonight I'll be working on washing windows.

Peggy said...

It's going to be adorable when you get to add your touch to it. You are so creative, and I love the way you make a house a home!

Alissa said...

Wow, so you just moved too! What an awesome rental house!!! It's beautiful already!