Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dirty Windows!

I've been washing windows again this morning. You might be wondering why it's taking so long to wash the windows. Well, here is the dirtiest one...yuck!!!!!
 As you can imagine, you don't just hit something like this once, you have to prewash it (scrub!) and then wash it again, and sometimes yet again before it looks decent. On top of that, three of the windows have wasps making nests in them. I haven't touched them, but I'm going to get some of that poison you can aim at them from a long way away. After hearing about Jack (our neighbor up at the lake) dying from a bee sting over the weekend, I'm trying to be very careful. I don't think I'm allergic, but I don't think Jack thought he was either!

Here's the little living room. It's going to be wall to wall sofa I do believe. I'm thinking that could be cozy a big movie-watching nest.

 After I got through working on windows this morning, I walked around to remind myself why I like this little place....look at that nice baseboard and corner block.

 And the newel pretty!

 And the little entry is just like one in a larger Victorian home, but it's doll house size.

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