Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's getting better!

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What a difference a week can make! They shored up the porch and took the old columns off. They just used 4x4s to replace them, but I went ahead and bought a bit of lumber so that Jerry could wrap 1x around them to beef them up a makes the posts more the width the old columns were. He says I have to let the wood breathe for a few months before we paint the new wood white because it's treated lumber. I like the railing, and I'm sure I'll be less likely to step off the edge!

 Another angle. The house has a new roof, for which I'm very thankful.

The porch roof is really peeling. The landlord says he is going to cover it in white vinyl. That's ok with will neaten things up considerably. I like the old beaded board, but it's very warped from when the roof was leaking.

Look at that dirty siding! Joe and Mike took the power washer over so I could use it to clean it up, but wouldn't you know would not run. So I scrubbed the front by hand. It still does not look super, but it definitely feels cleaner and I can go ahead and put the glider on the porch this weekend.

 This is my little kitchen. It's tiny, but will get the job done and there is room for a little table.

This is some old vinyl wallpaper that I have used so many times on different projects. I figured it's vinyl, I can wipe it clean, why not use it for shelf paper. It's bright, but I think I like it! And hey, it was free!

I had enough to do all the bottom cabinets and drawers. I think I have another roll somewhere, so maybe I can do the top too. Not sure about those cabinets being brown inside. I usually paint them white inside so it's lighter and I can see better. But I'll try it...maybe it will be fine.

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Kylee Groves said...

You got a nice porch over there, PedalPower! It's really amazing how this simple portion of the house can make a huge difference. Anyway, your siding issue caught my attention. Did you really scrubbed it manually? Ouch! That's a very handful task! I wish you just left it to the hands of the cleaning professionals so you can be free from the hassles and pains of cleaning! But I must say that you did a good job on it!

Kylee Groves