Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm thinking I'd like to put a birdfeeder right outside this window.


I just finished the curtains for this room tonight. I like the fabric very much. It's a home dec fabric, so a nice weight for curtians...I got the last they had at Walmart. Too bad, because this room is right off the dining room, and I wouldn't mind having some matching curtains in the dining room. I'm loving this little room now that I'm getting it into usable shape. It's very cozy!
 This room was used as a bedroom by the last owner of the house. It has a closet and a bathroom. Right through that door is the downstairs bathroom....great for cleaning out paint brushes! I use this room as a dressing room and a studio/office. Behind where I stood to take this picture is a couple of big bookshelves full of art supplies and office supplies...and books! Maybe I'll get a pic of that tomorrow.