Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looking like Christmas!

A few years ago I bought a small artificial tree. I like it fine, but I miss the charm of a real tree. We always had a real tree while the kids were growing up. Next year if it fits in the budget, I will have a real tree. There are lots of lights on this little tree!
 Looking into the dining room. There is only one electrical outlet in the dining room..and that is it by the window. So I've been putting garland up with lights, otherwise it's kind of dark.
My tree has no theme other than "ornaments collected through the years." I especially love the ones made by my kids.
 The pictures on the mantle are of the kids and of my grandparents on the beach when they were young.
The mantle is a mix of lots of things. The little elf on the right is always decorating something every year...sometimes the mantle, sometimes the bathroom mirror, sometimes the tree...
The nativity set is usually the first thing set up, and almost always on this from year to year it doesn't look much different, but I still like it. Yes, found a way to run an extension cord around the corner for some lights on this too.
Here is the outside. I got that little Christmas tree at a friend's garage sale. It's rusty iron..I love it, and just threw a bunch of lights on it. I'm not crazy about the those blueish icicle lights...I like the warm white lights better. Next year I hope to figure out how to put the big colored lights along the roofline. I have all the lights on timers. I was so glad that this house has some outdoor outlets!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Art Studio

I have a little room off the living room that will be my art studio. It has French doors so I can close it off it need be. This might look like a mess to most, but to me, this looks like progress! Just a couple of hours ago, I couldn't even get the table in that room. I have a large easel that I want to put in there too. If it fits, it will be behind that door to the left. Little by little, I'm getting there.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bridal Dress Shopping

Today Colleen, and her maid of honor Tessa, and her future mother-in-law Denise, and I went to find her wedding dress. Of course I cannot show the dress she actually chose, but this is one of the ones that didn't make the cut...still very lovely!
I love this pic...I can still see the little girl she was, and the woman she is.
Here's Colleen and Tessa sharing the goofiness and fun that has made them lifelong friends.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Movember 19: thirty minute walk.
Movember 20: Put a rug down in my basement and moved my hula hoop in! 30 minutes of hooping!
Movember 21: 45 minutes of walking, 15 minutes stairs

Thanksgiving Eve...

Setting the table, making deviled eggs and looking forward to having the family over tomorrow.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Movember 11: 15 min stairs, 15 min walking
Movember 12: 30 minute walk with Hawkeye
Movember 13: 2 hours washing windows at new house...up and down the ladder.
Movember 14: 15 minutes doing crunches, plank, pushups, squats...30 minutes walking with Hawkeye

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 On Saturday, friends and family helped me move the furniture over, so it's starting to look like home. I'm using all the same curtains and rods from the rental. Yesterday my mom and dad hung some lamps and curtains, and we started hanging artwork. I even spent my first night there last night. I still have lots of things to get out of the old house, especially out of my basement there. Yuck. But it will get done. One thing at a time.
I like to buy artwork from artists I meet along the way. This quilt over the fireplace is by JoanE Lipinski, a Pontiac, IL artist. I saw it in Wallworks (local gallery) long ago, and Joe gave it to me for my birthday. The colors have faded a bit, but it's still one of my favorite pieces.