Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Ready for a Garden Grad Party...part 2

This is how I'm trying to solve the mud problem outside the back door, without spending like crazy. I got some edging and bark and landscape fabric. Joe and Mike came and we outlined an area outside the back steps.
 We edged all around. I'm so glad they came to help. This area used to be used as a drive and there was lots of would have taken me ages to bust through all that by myself. We used the dirt to level things out a bit, and I sprayed Roundup on the grass, before we put landscape fabric down.
 Mike is going around tree roots here, and as he got closer to the house he switched to a pick-ax to get through all the gravel. He busted through it in no time. Ah, to be 25!

 Joe and I were working on getting the edging down.
 Oops. I didn't purchase enough bark! Looks like another trip to Big R.
You can see where it's headed though..I think it's going to be a big improvement.
This morning after a trip for more bark, we have the area filled in! This is the view out the back door. No more mud! Hope this works as well as it looks like it will.

I hope that second tree makes it. It looks a lot browner than the other ones.
We dug all these bricks out of the yard. They might make some nice edging around a flower bed!

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