Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Front Sidewalk

This is the sidewalk to the front door. It's much lower than the ground surrounding it, and completly broken up and grown over. I was worried for my parents whenever they walked up this way..especially Mom since she doesn't walk so well anymore with her bad knees. Muddy too, in bad weather.

 After we scraped off the dirt, this is what we found. What a mess.
Joe and I have been using our respective talents to help each other out lately. I designed the landscaping for his house, and he has been a huge help on the labor on my yard. Here he is taking out that old sidewalk. We didn't even have to bust it up, because it was already so broken. Look at how thin that concrete is. No wonder it cracked up!
 Joe came up with this solution using large patio pavers from Ace. Works out perfectly because we are hosting a party for Colleen's graduation, and it will be done in time for that! I think the landlord may pay for the supplies since the sidewalk was in such bad shape.
 Much better! We put a course of concrete edging along the sides. Hopefully that will keep the dirt from washing back down on to the sidewalk.
View from the porch. So much better!

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