Thursday, December 1, 2011

Replacement Windows

 There were so many windows that were broken and/or rotting that the landlord decided to order replacemnt windows. I'm usually all about keeping the old wavy glass and orginal windows, but for this house I think this was good decision. These are from Window World. They work well, I'll be able to wash them from inside (yea!), and they will be warmer.

Most of the windows in this house were simple double hung sash windows, and they ordered the same style to fit the spaces exactly. One of my pet peeves is seeing older homes where the windows have been replaced with ones that don't fit the original almost always makes the house out of balance and takes away some of the charm. All these windows match the originals, and the two leaded glass windows were left untouched. I like that these fit within the original woodwork too.

I know I'm going to love not having to stand on a ladder to wash windows, and not having to wash triple track storm windows anymore!

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