Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kitchen Curtains

 The light streams into the kitchen in the mornings, which is great, because I need that to wake me up! However, I also need a little privacy.

Mom told me about these curtains in the clearance aisle at Walmart. I think they are going to work great. They are the insulating kind, so maybe they will help keep the house warmer this winter. I also got rods and rings for the dining room and kitchen while I was at Walmart. I love using rings like these. They are so easy to open and close, and you don't have to fuss with arranging gathers everytime you close them.

 Here I've hung them and pinned them up to the length I want. I want these sill length because I plan on having these windows open fairly often. I don't like how apron length ones get pulled into the open window in the breeze and the bottom of the curtain gets dirty.

 All done! Starting with ready made curtains makes it all go so much faster! Just one measurement, and hem!

 Here they are open this morning. They are almost all the way off the glass, which lets in a lot of light.

 Oops. It's a long span over the sink so there's a center support. I tried to put it in the center, but because of the light, I couldn't get the drill in there, and then I hit something so hard the bit broke off. ugh. Finally, I decided close is good enough, and moved it a little left of center and down a bit. Oh well, that's what they make spackle for. Hemming these is one of tonight's projects.

I got this embroidered valance at an auction in a box of vintage linens. I used it at the old house, and it fits fine here too. That screen door has got to go. It's very beat up and grungy, and completely hides the pretty old door underneath.

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