Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bedrooms..sorta before

 Here is my bedroom. If you've ever stayed at our old house, you probably recognize the furniture and bedding as the ones from our old guest room. The bedding is from TJMaxx and I love it...crisp and fresh. The spoon carved bed was my Grandmother's.

 This vintage chair used to be in our living room...I got it an an auction for a dollar! It goes with the bedding very well, and just manages to squeeze into my little room. Please excuse all the stuff laying around...still trying to figure out where to put everything, and what artwork I want in this room.

 Here you can see that the bedrooms are tiny and tucked under the eaves. When you reach the top of the stairs there's a bedroom on either side, and the bathroom straight ahead. I like the gray color Jane picked, but it really isn't the best with my bedding, so I'm going to paint.
 Here's Colleen's room. The iron bed was my childhood bed. Mom bought it at a garage sale for 2.50 back when I was in early grade school. Wish I could find bargains like that today!!  The windows are out in both of these rooms because they were in such bad shape. They are supposed to be replacing the bedroom windows soon...I wish they'd hurry!

Colleen found this bedding at Walmart. It goes well with the vintage chair in her room. I got two of those chairs for 40 dollars a while back. I sold one, which more than paid for both of them...gotta love that! The gray paint in my room would go great with this, and if I was smart I'd just switch rooms. This room is on the east side of the house though, and you know me...I don't want the sun streaming in first thing in the morning. No, I'll take the west side of the house, thank you very much.

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