Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Movember 4, 5, 6...Moving!

So I was not going to count moving as exercise, but I've been painting and cleaning and packing for the last few days. Since I'm sore and exhausted (good signs of lots of activity), I'm going to count it as my exercise for the last 3 days.

Here are some pics of what is going on at the bungalow the last few days.

 Wright's came and installed the kitchen floor. I'd love to have done tile, but it doesn't fit in my budget right now. This is a high quality vinyl from Wright's in Pontiac. It's the same line (but a different pattern) that I had put in the back entry at the old house. Here you can see the old floor, under the new floor. It's perimeter glued. I also had them run the vinyl down the stairs to the basement.
 Here it is with the backsplash. The color is actually more like it is in the first photo.

Ron Ingram is painting 3 of the rooms. He and his helper stripped all the wallpaper off today, and painted the ceilings yesterday.
 Here is the dining room without all the wall paper.
 And my little studio minus the paper that covered its walls.
In the living room, Ron started painting the khaki color on the walls. This color is matched as closely as possible to the walls of my little rental house, because I enjoyed the color so much.

We also got the bedroom painted, and moved the furniture into my bedroom and the guest room. We scrubbed the kitchen floor when we realized that it was staying under the new floor, and moved the old appliances out. I had lots of help from family and friends on these projects, which helped sooo much! Today I painted inside the linen closet and the bedroom closet and lined most of the kitchen cabinets with shelf paper.

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