Friday, April 27, 2012

Giving Aspertame the boot...

I've been working on several things lately. The first one is trying to give up Diet Coke and drink more water. I don't know that I believe all the horror stories you read about aspertame, but I also know that I was drinking entirely too much diet pop, and that can't be good. And drinking more water has to be a good idea anyway.

So, I started by cutting down on the number of bottles (told you I drank too much!) of Diet Coke a day. I got a good start while I was on vacation in March, because I didn't drink near as much pop during that month. A couple of weeks ago, I had one pop a day and the rest water...then last week and this week I've been just drinking water. When I want something sweet to drink, I've been having a lemonade with good old fashioned sugar, and just remembering that it's part of my calories for the day. I don't actually "count" calories, but I keep the idea in the back of my mind and watch my portions. It works for me. A few years ago I lost 55 pounds that way, and kept it off. In the last month I've lost another 10.

I think sometimes I'll still have a diet and pop go so great together, but it will be more of an occasional treat.

The other thing I've been working on is my yard, and I'll tell you more about that soon!

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Judy @ daily yarns said...

Oh wow can I totally relate to this post. I drink way too much diet coke and since coming back from vacation I've decided to cut out diet coke. I've cut down and I've been drinking more water and I plan to cut it out steps :)
Good for you on the weight loss, I've been counting calories and so far it's working...still have a long way to go.